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jblake9000 Jack B
Johns island, SC, USA   USA
Any suggestions on tires for a 1988 +8 with 205-60-15. Plenty of all weather touring tires in that size, but having trouble finding anything "Morgan appropriate"

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DuncanCharlton Avatar
DuncanCharlton Duncan Charlton
Elgin, TX, USA   USA
1931 Morgan 3 Wheeler "Gwenda (Sold)"
1967 Morgan 4/4 "Toly's Car"
1967 Unknown Unknown
1970 Mini Countryman    & more
What type of tyre are you looking for -- high performance summer tires, or something with a little less "edge"? Some claim that a Morgan does not benefit much from super-high performance tires and use something like a Michelin Michelin Primacy Sports or Goodyear F1 GC-D3 (I'm not sure they come in the size you're looking for); I haven't tried either of these tires on a Morgan (I did have the Goodyear F1 GC-D3s on a VW R32 but much preferred the Michelin Super Sports Pilot tires), since my '71 Plus 8 doesn't allow much room for experimentation unless I add wheel spacers. I ended up with some Bridgestone 195/65R15 Potenza RE 960AS Pole Position tires on our 1971 Plus 8 (primarily because they were a modern tire that fit without looking too odd on a car that was designed for 185/80R15 tires) and I have autocrossed on them. They felt controllable, although not anywhere nearly as sticky as the Hoosier race tires (which need to be heated up to have good grip) that I had on my 1952 Plus 4. The Bridgestones were good enough for "fastest Plus 8" at MOG 44. Link to the autocross video:

David P. of Maryland was using these a few years ago: Michelin Primacy MXV4 - 205/65-15 VR 94V

Richard R. in rainy Ireland was happy with these on his daily driver Morgan Plus 8: Michelin 205/65-15 Primacy MXV4 VR

If they were made in the right size for our Plus 8 I'd get the Michelin Pilot Super Sports in a second. They have a good combination of grip, wear, noise, wet traction, dry traction and stability.

Morgan13 Timothy Barlow
Vancouver, WA, USA   USA
I just put a full set of Michelin Pilot Exalto 205/55 ZR 16 97Y that I like. It's a stock tire size and I don't race but I have been known to do spirited driving at times.

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1998 +8
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jblake9000 Jack B
Johns island, SC, USA   USA
Decent 15" tires are much harder to find than 16".
I would like to keep standard wheels.

GoMoG Avatar
GoMoG Lorne Goldman
Mont Tremblant, QC, Canada   CAN
1984 Morgan Plus 8 (+8) "The Phoenix"
1990 Morgan Plus 8 (+8)
Yes. Both Richard and David took my suggestions for the tires they bought. I have used both and been very happy. I used to adore Michelin tires for my Morgans..especially after trying the Factory's Pirelli P6000s...the open joke among dealers

Sadly, Duncan is right. 15" tires in a decent quality in North America have become unobtainium. You can still find great 15" rubber in Europe..but nothing in the US/Canada. Someone told owners that less air and more steel is better. (I don't why anyone would believe that..but there you go) And air, not steel, is critical to the rudimentary suspension. However, Morgan had no choice but to turn 16". The overall diameter of wheel and tire is the same..only the suspension and handling suffer badly.

But you may be lucky. I just put my last Morgan back on the road and went searching for new tires. I settled on Goodyear Eagle Sport 205 R15 60 in the W quality The only other tire for your Morgan I would consider is 195 R15 65 There are not Michelins but they are a quality tire that has been around so long it is not that expensive!!


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