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from a tour near Frankfurt Germany ..

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Just another ride with "her" across the swiss alps in June 2017, weather perfect, low traffic, early early on the raod. I got the Klausenpass almost for me myseld and I.. I simply could not get the smile out of my face .. Enjoy..

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IMG 0679 2015 04 01 17 50 02 UTC
Bob Hauge knew of an engine that was reasonably priced and had a bit of life left in it. As well sourced the Weber DCOE's for Me. When John Burks of Ashland, Oregon heard about My project He told Me and sourced all the other parts I would need including a ZETEC that was KAPUT. The Owner of this stuff lives just South of San Francisco. John and Barbara invited both of us to their home in Ashland and We made the swap. So now I had all the parts to make this conversion. I am making this sound too easy. Believe Me it was not easy. But with John's and Bob's help it was a lot easier than if...

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Hauge Engine 2015 04 01 17 50 02 UTC
Bob Hauge of Longview, WA had converted His 4/4 to a ZETEC engine. Bob did not want the complexity of Fuel Injection and had a pair of Weber DCOE Carbs that He had used on other engines for years. I had ridden in Bob's ZETEC 4/4 and this was the "edge" I was looking for. I asked Bob for help. He would help Me so long as I assembled this as He did His 4/4. "I want nothing to do with Fuel Injection". I liked this idea as I liked the Race like looks of Weber DCOE Carbs and lusted for them for 50 years.


DHC 3 Passes 004 2015 04 01 17 50 02 UTC
I was falling in love with this DHC. My original intention was to "flip it". It is a delight. I decided to test this New to Me DHC in the Mountains. I would drive across Snoqualmie Pass 3,500' then North on Bluet Pass, stop in Leavenworth (Bavarian Village (Tourist Trap), then Stevens Pass 4,500' and Home. There was no doubt, I needed more power if I was going to enjoy this Morgan.


DSCN0211 2015 04 01 17 50 02 UTC
On Hiway 101 at about the Oregon/California border is a very long hill to climb. About 5 miles long. The GM Automatic Transmission had but 3 gear ratios. There was not enough power to use 3rd so I used 2nd. To maintain 50 MPH the little DOHC Fiat Engine was at about 7,000 RPM. It did not miss a beat nor did it overheat. It certainly was up to the task even though 50MPH was a bit slow to travel on this stretch of Hiway.


DSCN0191 2015 04 01 17 50 02 UTC
Lee Spencer (Not Lew) is a well known Morgan Builder. He built several Morgans called "Skimpy". Dennis Glavis, the Morgan Dealer in Santa Monica owns one of them. Some where along the time He was building "Skimpy's" He bought the DHC. He removed the engine and transmission for one of His "Skimpy's". The DHC languished in Lee's garage for years. After some time He decided to re power it for His Wife. He installed a Fiat engine and a GM automatic, painted it "PlumCrazy" refurbished the Interior and Mrs. Willburn made a new top (hood) for it. Stuff happened and Dennis Glavis owned the DHC...


I bought My first Morgan, a basket case 1963 4/4 in 1982, I now own 3 Morgans. 1963 +4-4STR 1961 DHC ???? Registered as a 1973 +8 Bitsa There are, of course, stories to tell about all 4. As I am presently re furbishing the DHC I will try to focus on this for now.


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Hello everyone, Due to a complete failure of the database server, we went down yesterday at about 4PM Pacific Time. With a bit of ingenuity and a bit of luck, I was able to recover all data and provisioned a new server overnight. Everything should be working normally now, with no posts or other data lost. Ironically, it happened while I was working on a better system to back up the database. Thank you for your patience. Skye Nott Webmaster


Here it is in its new glory


IMG 1471
Finally finished. It was a long road, but thanks to everyone's help it is now done. A new frame and firewall from the factory has helped it feel like new (and maybe better than when I bought it in 1959)! C M C did the heavy lifting and paint. Lots of help and advice from many including John Randall, Morgan Motors of New England and Melvyn Rutter. Top row is August 3, 2015 and bottom is today, April 23, 2017 after first drive.


17632332 1576792692334310 6227145026354175582 o 1
I had a pit pass into the 2017 Spanish F1 GP and was lucky enough to visit the Mclaren pit garage with the 2 cars preparing for the qualifying session.


Hello everyone, Now that the database upgrade is nearing completion, and I finally have the ability to do "hot backups" without taking the website offline for maintenance, I'd like to give everyone a little bonus. Effective immediately, all Private Message (PM) storage limits are now doubled Free Members: 500 -> 1,000 Silver Members: 750 -> 1,500 Gold Members: 1,000 -> 2,000 Platinum Members: 1,500 -> 3,000 Hope this makes everyone's life a little easier, especially for you vendors out there that use PMs a lot! Thanks for your support, Skye Nott Webmaster


IMG 0591
Still all original. Dash beautifully repaired by John Randal. Windsheild frame all hand straightened. I spent 3 days getting it perfect.

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