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KNOWN ISSUES The following bugs are being worked on right now, no need to report them again: member and events map broken fixed attaching images to forum posts error fixed uploading images to registry/profile error fixed Cannot post in the forums fixed Forum smilies not showing fixed Hello, On Wednesday Feb 22 at 2:20 PM Pacific Time, the main front-end web server for this website and all the websites in the AutoShrine Network went down. Technicians were dispatched, but the server would no ...

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Hello everyone, Due to a complete failure of the database server, we went down yesterday at about 4PM Pacific Time. With a bit of ingenuity and a bit of luck, I was able to recover all data and provisioned a new server overnight. Everything should be working normally now, with no posts or other data lost. Ironically, it happened while I was working on a better system to back up the database. Thank you for your patience. Skye Nott Webmaster

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Here it is in its new glory

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Just another ride with "her" across the swiss alps in June 2017, weather perfect, low traffic, early early on the raod. I got the Klausenpass almost for me myseld and I.. I simply could not get the smile out of my face .. Enjoy..


IMG 1471
Finally finished. It was a long road, but thanks to everyone's help it is now done. A new frame and firewall from the factory has helped it feel like new (and maybe better than when I bought it in 1959)! C M C did the heavy lifting and paint. Lots of help and advice from many including John Randall, Morgan Motors of New England and Melvyn Rutter. Top row is August 3, 2015 and bottom is today, April 23, 2017 after first drive.


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I had a pit pass into the 2017 Spanish F1 GP and was lucky enough to visit the Mclaren pit garage with the 2 cars preparing for the qualifying session.


Hello everyone, Now that the database upgrade is nearing completion, and I finally have the ability to do "hot backups" without taking the website offline for maintenance, I'd like to give everyone a little bonus. Effective immediately, all Private Message (PM) storage limits are now doubled Free Members: 500 -> 1,000 Silver Members: 750 -> 1,500 Gold Members: 1,000 -> 2,000 Platinum Members: 1,500 -> 3,000 Hope this makes everyone's life a little easier, especially for you vendors out there that use PMs a lot! Thanks for your support, Skye Nott Webmaster


IMG 0591
Still all original. Dash beautifully repaired by John Randal. Windsheild frame all hand straightened. I spent 3 days getting it perfect.


IMG 0592
Even fitted my old Lucas Flamethrower on new Badge Bar from Morgan Motors of New England


The new database servers are performing well under load, so I'll be continuing the database conversion process to the new layout for all websites, which will pave the way for better replication and backup systems. Please expect to see the "Scheduled maintenance" message on Friday night, February 17, 2017 starting at 9:00 PM Pacific time. I expect the work to take 4-6 hours as I want to take a full backup of the system for safety before making any changes. Once the websites are back up, there should be no visible difference in the operation or performance of the website. Schedule: Jan...


Hello everyone, You've probably noticed that this website has had some unplanned downtime lately. I'm not sure about the exact cause, it's probably an intermittent hardware failure as the techs keep finding the main server powered off at the console. I've been rebooting and repairing the database as needed to keep things running, while making plans to transition to brand new servers with updated database, webserver, and firewall software. The good news is I've already run the migration plan on some of my smaller websites, and it's working brilliantly. The bad news is that the frequenc...


Drivers door
The Restoration begins The doors drop when opened, oversize 7mm diameter stainless steel hinge pins have solved the problem. Pins purchased from Heart of England, 7 mm hand reamer from the Internet. Examined the doors doth need a re-skin. Mad About Morgan web site is proving very helpful. The wood work will need replacing and both inner and outer skins renewing. Black Phey are the company I have chosen to supply the wood frames.


The opgrade I did have changed the car completly,the Avo shocks are set at front 4 clicks , at the back 1 click and the Avon Road Race tires sticks to the road like glue,the manifold & KN filter gave more hp ,the racing exhaust made me deaf ,so original fitted again ,but it has a nice crisp!!!!the panhard rod and brake stabilisers is a must as well


TOK 258 Le Mans 1962
In 1962 the LawrenceTune-prepared Morgan +4 TOK258 won the 2 Litre class at Le Mans and finished 14th overall. Although officially a Morgan works entry, this was really down to Chris Lawrence persuading Peter Morgan to apply for the race, as Lawrence knew that this would almost guarantee the car being allowed to compete. John Pearce, who was employed by LawrenceTune at the time, was one of the four pit crew members for the race. To read more go to our website Blog or follow this link: http://japearceengineering.com/general/john-pearce-with-morgan-deep-sanderson-at-circuit-de-la-sarthe/



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