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Skye Avatar
Skye Webmaster Skye Nott
Vancouver, BC, Canada   CAN
1964 Vespa VNB 125
1966 MG MGB "The Bomber RIP"
1983 Suzuki MC GS750E "Kate"
1986 Merkur XR4Ti "The Rally Car"    & more
Welcome to all New Members!

We're getting lots of new members every month, so if you've been lurking and not sure where to join, scroll down and reply below.

Tell us a little about yourself, your Morgan, your builds or plans, general interests, etc.

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Skye Nott

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The Austrian Hannes JKKS
Markgrafneusiedl, Lower Austria, Austria   AUT
Hello from Austria / Europe!
Got a M3W last October and have plenty of fun with it since.
Noisy bevel box, screeming belt drive, but no other problems yet.
As it is winter I did only 1000miles since October.
Next plan is to cross the French Alpes and to see Mont Blanc..

All the best to all of you!

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angryitalian Joel Ginaldi
Macon, GA, USA   USA
Hello All,
My father is a long time Morgan lover having owned several models over the last 30 or so years. His current one is a +8 model that unfortunately sits in his garage. Very cool car, I've enjoyed being able to drive it occasionally growing up. Will try to upload a picture. I have a tech question, and not sure this is the right place to post, but his long time specialty mechanic has recently retired and he's looking for a reputable shop to take the car for service work. He says the car is running fine, except for an low idle/stall issue when stopping at a red light. Can anyone pass along a recommendation for a place to have the car looked at? I live in the Macon, GA area and he lives in Tallahassee, FL. Thanks for any help!

kevinrh Kevin Hempson
Sutter Creek, CA, USA   USA
Hi Folks,
All being well I will join the ranks of Morgan owners tomorrow.

Having spent the first 33 years of my life in England; I got my experience with British cars.
Morris Minor
Berkeley B105
Mini 850
Mini 1098
Mini Cooper 1275
Standard 8
Austin and Morris and Wolseley 1800's

Then I defected to German cars and moved to California

Finally I bought a +4

For more than 12 years I lived just 20 minutes from the Morgan factory, but too busy working for a living; and racing the mini's
at Shelsley Walsh and Prescott to fit in a visit; it was more difficult to do in those days.
I still have my "Britool' socket set, complete with its Whitworth sockets!

Good motoring to all, Kevin

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Morland man Martin Reade
Steventon, Oxon, UK   GBR
Hi I am new to Morgans, having recently purchased a 1969 4/4 2 seater 1.6 Kent engined car. I drove the car through this summer, and have now started a strip and re-build. The car was originally restored by a college, the lecturer used it to teach the students the art of car mechanics. Some of the work has left a lot to be desired. The doors need re-skinning and the door frames replacing. The loom has some wires added in hap hazard way, and now has a dead short on the auxiliary circuit when the ignition is switched on. The engine runs well but I intend to recondition it, as it has a death rattle on start up.

This is my second project the first being a Lotus Europa Series 2 Renault engined. I chose the Morgan for it's simplicity and DIY user friendlyness. My background is apprentice MG car factory, competition mechanic for the BMC/Leyand rally team, Esso Research Technician. JET Fusion Technician, at Cluham, now retired.

jhalfdime Jim Nichol
Hyde Park, NY, USA   USA
1964 Morgan Plus 4 (+4) "MargaMorga"
2013 Morgan 3 Wheeler "E. Audrey"
Hi Gang,
I saw my first Morgan at Lime Rock Park in 1962 and knew I had to have one. Eight and a half years later I found "MargMorga," my 1964 +4 4 seater. I still have her today! In 1997 I became keeper of "Murphy" a well restored 1928 2 speeder British-Anzani powered Aero. We were fortunate to be invited to Pebble Beach in 1999 as a part of the Morgan class and while not awarded a trophy, thoroughly loved The Tour and the entire week. Murphy also vintage raced for about four years until SWMBO saw me lift the left wheel at LRP, in the interests of domestic bliss we left the track behind. In 2013 I made the tough decision (Still have some regret here!) to trade Murphy in on a new 5 speeder. Now have 3700 miles on E. Audrey, good fun for sure, but I do miss Murphy was well. Thank you, HFS, PM, and CM!
Here in New York's Mid-Hudson Valley our driving season is generally from April to November (Snow means salted roads), though due to an especially mild winter, E Audrey has wandered the roads every month since last April, hope to keep her out and about at least once a month. Marga winters in Copake so my bride's car can spend the winter nights in the garage. There's nothing like a Morgan!

mhmalone Morgan Malone
Swansea, MA, USA   USA
Hello all!

I'm a lifetime Morganeer. My garage is currently housing a '61 DHC, and a '70 4/4 that after years of driving I've just started to restore.

TP4 Avatar
TP4 Ted Thorne
Millarville, AB, Canada   CAN
To the Morgan family: I too have been a long time admirer of Morgan cars. Here in Alberta they were very rarely seen. British cars of the 50's were occasionally seen that offered the classic flowing lines and the open air experience: Healeys, Triumphs, MGs. My earlier cars included: Morris Minor woody wagon (1954), XK120 (1954) - a restoration project, Jag MK II 3.8 L (1961)m- another rebuild project, Mini (1972) - which I "Cooperized," MGB (1964), MGB GT (1969). Old is good as one can work on them without a lot of computerized components and the associated complexities.

My new and long sought for retirement project is my Morgan +4 (LHD) with 2.0L EFI Rover engine (1996). This arrived from Belgium in late September this past year and has spent the winter in my shop where I have rebuilt the front suspension (no damper blades and no oilers). I also dismantled the rear springs, cleaned them up and put Teflon strips between the the components. It was a bit of overkill, but I then soaked them with heavy chainsaw oil . . . . the ride is vastly improved as is the steering.

I am grateful for the wonderful collegiality to be found amongst Morgan owners and particularly that of Bill Button.

Here's to blue skies, warm breezes and great vistas down that long nosed louvred classic . . . .

Ted Thorne
Alberta, Canada

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image.jpeg    70.7 KB

rmcleod Robert McLeod
Wilmington, NC, USA   USA
Greetings all: I'm a long time British car lover. My first brand new car was a Triumph GT-6 that I drove off the show room floor in '72. Since then I have had a MGB and for the past 8 or 9 years I have a 1951 MG TD. I have always liked Morgans but don't know much about them. My plan would be to sell the MG and move up to an older but nice Morgan. I'm not in a big hurry so I'll hide in the bushes and let this fine forum educate me. Thanks for letting me join.

UKShooter Ian Morgan
Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK   GBR
Hi Ted,

I have spent a Christmas and New Year in Millarville! I remember the new year celebrations were in a hall with either an Oil derrick kind of tower structure outside or a sign with such a thing on it. Old age is fading my memory!


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UKShooter Ian Morgan
Crowthorne, Berkshire, UK   GBR
Hi, Ian Morgan here.

My 6th Morgan has been built (4th Aero) and can't wait to take delivery. Bit of a petrol head with a bunch of cars and motorbikes, mix of British Japanese, Italian and American currently.

Done quite a few road trips in the Aero's but most of my big trips are on the bikes.

silverstone.jpg    20 KB

Swiss trip.jpg    51.1 KB
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TP4 Avatar
TP4 Ted Thorne
Millarville, AB, Canada   CAN
Hello Ian.

That visit may well have been to Millarville but the hall with the oil Derrick was probably in the town just south of Millarville, Turner Valley at the Flare and Derrick. Just east of that town is Black Diamond. These hills and the cowboy country they lay claim to is a far distant place from Crowthorne. Thanks for the note!


DuncanCharlton Avatar
DuncanCharlton Duncan Charlton
Elgin, TX, USA   USA
1931 Morgan 3 Wheeler "Gwenda (Sold)"
1967 Morgan 4/4 "Toly's Car"
1967 Unknown Unknown
1970 Mini Countryman    & more
Nice to see some old friends here. I currently have three Morgans, having just sold a Plus 4 (the dark blue four-seater flat rad seen in the gallery). We have a 1931 Aero Super Sports 2-speeder trike, a 1967 4/4 race car (winner of the 1981 SCCA runoffs in H Production) and a 1971 Plus 8 with 217,000 miles on it, still my favorite and the one that gets by far the most use.

I first noticed Morgans when I was about 14 and living in northern Virginia. My older brother and his friends all owned MGs, Triumphs, Austin Healeys, etc. but one guy had a pair of Morgans and his Morgans fired my interest. I got my first ride in a 4/4 at MOG 10 in Luray, VA. At first I was disappointed that I was getting a ride in "just" a 4/4 but this one was a bit special and a run up through the gears made quite a positive impression on me. At that event I heard a trike run for the first time and was immediately fascinated with them too. Market values of Morgans kept them out of my reach as I worked my way up through a succession of Triumph TR3s, a Spitfire, a Mini Cooper S, a pair of Jaguar Mk II sedans, a Sunbeam Tiger and several $1500-$2500 German cars (along with a couple of sadly abused Fiats). While getting gas in our 1956 TR3 I met a man who said he had a 1936 Morgan trike. I went to see it and tried to buy it but he would not sell. I entered the Morgan world for the first time by purchasing a nice alloy-bodied 1963 4/4.

From a new Morgan-owning friend I heard about a Morgan 3-wheeler for sale that turned out to be the same 1936 Super Sports I'd tried to buy 14 years earlier (now completely restored) and I became its steward for 12 or 13 years.

The 1971 Plus 8 was a one-owner car from southern California that I stumbled upon. I've rebuilt nearly every part over the years and it's reliable and fun to drive. That one will remain in our stable if we eventually are down to one Morgan.

About five years ago I bought a 1952 Plus 4 vintage racer and began a new hobby, enjoying the motor heads I met at the track. That led to a fortuitous meeting with the owner of the 4/4 race car I know own and am restoring for vintage racing.

If anyone knows of a Moss-gearbox Plus 8 (1969-1972) in the USA that is in need of extensive restoration, I'd appreciate being put in touch with the owner. I hope to eventually build a vintage race car out of one but I don't want to convert a decent street car; I'd rather start with an early Plus 8 that might need a new chassis and an engine rebuild, with a worn or non-existent interior and poor or missing weather gear. With minimal rust, hopefully!

Duncan Charlton
Elgin, Texas

1931 Aero Super Sports
1936 Super Sports (sold)
1952 Plus 4 race car (sold)
1957 Plus 4 (sold)
1963 4/4 (sold)
1967 4/4 race car
1971 Plus 8

DuncanCharlton Avatar
DuncanCharlton Duncan Charlton
Elgin, TX, USA   USA
1931 Morgan 3 Wheeler "Gwenda (Sold)"
1967 Morgan 4/4 "Toly's Car"
1967 Unknown Unknown
1970 Mini Countryman    & more
1968 Plus 4 for sale. The Bring a Trailer auction is live now (it will last seven days) for my late friend Frank’s 1968 Plus 4. I’m brokering the sale but have no financial stake in the sale.


I will also attempt to put this in the Buy, Sell & Trade section.

Duncan Charlton
Elgin, Texas USA

ascari T M
Axton, VA, USA   USA
1936 Three wheeler
1957 Plus Four (+4)

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