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Morganaddict Ronald Blair
Phoenix, AZ, USA   USA
I am replacing my radiator with a Ron Davis Racing Aluminum model. Does anyone know the model number of the Spal Fan that will work with this radiator? I want to mount it on the back of the radiator.

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DuncanCharlton Avatar
DuncanCharlton Duncan Charlton
Elgin, TX, USA   USA
1931 Morgan 3 Wheeler "Gwenda (Sold)"
1967 Morgan 4/4 "Toly's Car"
1967 Unknown Unknown
1970 Mini Countryman    & more

Ron -- you'll have to research whether this is a good fit for the Ron Davis radiator, but I have a never-used SPAL VA13 AP/70LL (63 amp, 13" low profile fan) along with the wiring and relay kit plus the PWM (pulse width modulation: this unit that gives the fan two speeds dependent on coolant temperature) that I bought for my 1971 Plus 8 and never installed because the wimpy stock fan cools my car just fine (and I have a spare). The PWM unit runs at slow speed to reduce air pressure behind the radiator while on the highway until the coolant exceeds the desired temperature, after which it kicks in at full power.

The fan costs $150. The wiring kit is $37 and the PWM costs $160, so those would run you nearly $350.

If this is the right one for you I'll sell you all three of mine (never used and still in their original boxes) for $250.

Duncan Charlton

Britmog Bruce M
Evergreen, CO, USA   USA
1964 Morgan 4/4 "Megan"
1994 Morgan Plus 8 (+8) "Maurice"
2013 Morgan 3 Wheeler "Olga"
I am very late to this forum so this post wont be relevant for the above question but could be to future questions.

Replaced my 1994 +8 radiator with Aluminum one from Peter Mulberry in the UK, even with shipping worked out cheaper than sourcing in the US as he knows the specs and makes to order. Only took 10 days to deliver, comes with have capacity fan fitted and all the fittings.

Works a treat.


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GoMoG Avatar
GoMoG Lorne Goldman
Mont Tremblant, QC, Canada   CAN
1984 Morgan Plus 8 (+8) "The Phoenix"
1990 Morgan Plus 8 (+8)
You are a wise man, Bruce. I began my Morgan life with a Plus 8 and Morgan Plus 8 rad. 2 years with that and regular misery after two years and 25,000 miles.

By that time, my wife had an XKE..also with insufficient cooling. I search the fledging internet and ran across Ron Davis Racing..while Tim was still working there. I was more pleased with the RDR than the Griffin..(who were skyrocketing their prices to stave off bankruptcy! er... Didn't work) I went back and forth with RDR, cost me a small fortune in shipping costs!

But Tim was a very good guy and the first RDR finally worked out..I spread that news around. It was also better than the Griffin..by 2C. It was better made, with welded seams rather than epoxy. But it had a very thick core and was painful to install and de-install. I kept with that one for 5 years. 55,000 miles.

When we bought the next Morgan (+8) in the UK we began sending a lot of time there. I fit that one with the sleeping Griffin. After seeing the mogging, I decided to change the engine there for one of the last 4.6s..a version made for the British army, and never out of the box. It had a lower compression ratio, which suited the dubious petrol available on European back roads. (I compensated with the loss of compression with my modified fueling, fast road cam etc). Less top bhp but more torque very low down. And I think it would have run on discarded kitchen grease. The smaller Griffin was perfect.

I soon was drafted for pit-crew work for Morgan racers. That put me regular touch with all the aftermarket suppliers over there. Next thing I know I am carrying a Mulfab regular Plus 8 radiator back to Canada. It proved to be another 2 C degrees cooler than the RDR and cheaper notably! Also no fiddling to install it...much. Mulfab has more experience fitting this things to every Morgan that there never is an issue. Three years later, Peter designed a much smarter rad. (25,000 miles) He realized that the thicker cores for Morgan rads, were not ideal. They restrict or deflect airflow. But to get a thinner core he had to have it specially made for his company. All other rad companies merely buy what is available. When they were ready, I brought one over again. That lost me another 1.5C on normal running temps. (Got another 25,000 miles on that one to date.

I had come a long way since I had bought the first car! But facts are facts (despite what we watch) If you want to save money by buying a better product, follow Bruce's advice.


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