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decamber front wheels

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f1junkie Eric Peterson
Stettler, AB, Canada   CAN
I've seen a couple of ads stating that front wheels are decambered. What purpose and why is this a benefit?

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DuncanCharlton Avatar
DuncanCharlton Duncan Charlton
Elgin, TX, USA   USA
1931 Morgan 3 Wheeler "Gwenda (Sold)"
1967 Morgan 4/4 "Toly's Car"
1967 Unknown Unknown
1970 Mini Countryman    & more
Morgans are set up with a degree or two of positive camber (wheels cant outward at the top). This is a holdover from the style of early cars, and with narrow tires this lightens steering effort without causing major irregular tire wear. The easy way to alter this is to move the bottom of the kingpin outboard around 3/4" until the wheel has no camber at all. A new bottom attachment plate has to be made out of 1/4" steel and the ring on the end of the cross tube lug has to be partially cut away. This will give the front tires a bit more grip although it will increase understeer, so you might want to use a couple of pounds more tire pressure in the front tires than in the rears to counteract this. Some people just prefer the look.

Just FYI: due to the new angle of the kingpins and how that interacts with the long steering tie rod when the wheels move up and down this will add a tiny amount of bump steer but you are unlikely to notice it. My race car had 2-1/2 degrees of negative camber and this was not a problem. At least 3-1/2 degrees was probably necessary to eliminate uneven wear on the Hoosier Speedster radials I was using (bias ply race tires do best at zero camber) but there seems to be agreement that this much negative camber will cause significant steering issues. By the way, I had to replace the long tie rod with a longer one at that point since there were now only about three threads engaging the tie rod ends.

ascari T M
Axton, VA, USA   USA
Additional piece of information: The new front subframes that you can buy from various sources already have zero camber built into their geometry. I recently bought one for my Plus 4 but have yet to install it. Will share my findings when I get around to it.

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