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Rear shocks model number

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54morgan Gary A
Perth, WA, Australia   AUS
Does anyone have the model number for Armstrong lever arm shock absorbers for 1954 +4? Or, are they a direct swap for MGA, or Triumph of the same year?

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Button Silver Member Bill B
Seattle, WA, USA   USA
I have a pair from a 1963 Morgan. No numbers except a Patent Number. I suspect they are the same as a MGA or Triumph but do not know.


Paw1 Avatar
Paw1 Philip Wilson
Southampton, Hampshire, UK   GBR
Not sure of the numbers, on my '57 +4 I have a pair of Armstrong selectraride, which I bought a long time ago

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SHAWRY Chris Shaw
Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia   AUS
Hi Gary,

Find attached pics. of the lever shocks removed from my '55 Plus 4. I am converting to telescopic. There are numbers there but almost discernible and the bottom line I believe says PROV PATENT PENDING.

With your car being a '54 I assume it is a flat nose. I am the better part of the way through a full rebuild and would appreciate the opportunity to chat at some stage.

cheers .............Chris Shaw

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54morgan Gary A
Perth, WA, Australia   AUS
Thanks Chris
Seems there are no model numbers for these.
My car is a very late 54, so what's known as a high cowl. Covered rad, curved head light pods, twin spares. TR2.
Which telescopic are you going for?
I will pm you for offline contact.


38 DHC Mark Braunstein
Vicinity of Orlando, FL, USA   USA
1934 Morgan 3 Wheeler "Moss MOG"
1938 Morgan 4-4 "Uncle Georges Winter Carriage"
1951 Morgan Plus 4 (+4)
1986 Morgan Plus 8 (+8)    & more
I would be careful in assuming the MG or TRs were a direct swap. The levering arms might be different length or bent to a differing angle. That or the mounting points might be different. I don't know this for a fact however.

I might suggest going to and compare what you have to the pictures on their web site. Once you know what you need you can decide how to proceed.

FYI, they do rebuild Morgan shocks at a fair price and a very quick turn around, should you decide to use them. I have used them several times and I have always been pleased with the result. Good luck.


BuyBritish Avatar
BuyBritish Rob D
Ipswich, Suffolk, UK   GBR
we have a 1956 plus 4 with no shocks at present as shes a rebuild, we are thinking use telescopic dampers and the correct braket kits to mount these, you do need 1/8 inch spare thread on the leaf spring u bolt clamps in order to install see this web site

John Worrell is well known and the David Rutherford Avo shocks on his same web site are specially made for the plus 4 !

note there are 4 and 2 seater versions

Heart Of England Morgan

see site

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54morgan Gary A
Perth, WA, Australia   AUS
Thanks all. So much one can spend money on!
My current plan is to take the shocks out,clean them and refill with new oil to see how they go.


DuncanCharlton Avatar
DuncanCharlton Duncan Charlton
Elgin, TX, USA   USA
1967 Morgan 4/4 "Toly's Car"
1967 Unknown Unknown
1971 Morgan Plus 8 (+8)
I'd like to put in a vote for keeping lever shocks if they can be made to function properly. When we bought a '57 4-seater the ride was very rough and made lots of crashing noises, especially when driving over a whoop-de-doo, when the axle would hit the bump stops on rebound. I got lots of opinions about what was wrong and what I should do. I disassembled the shocks with the idea of adjusting rebound (easy to do) and realized that the oil was low in both of them -- one half full and the other one only 1/3 full. I filled them with 20 weight fork oil (bought from the Harley Davidson shop) and found the ride transformed. There was no need for telescopic shocks. I also have a 1971 Plus 8 with Koni telescopic shocks in the rear (set fairly soft) and the ride was not noticeably inferior to the Plus 4 with its lever shocks. There may be a noticeable difference in handling if one is spending a lot of time auto crossing or on a race track but for comfort and noise while driving on the street the lever shocks were fine.


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54morgan Gary A
Perth, WA, Australia   AUS
THanks for all the input. Turns out my shocks are Girling, as are Chris Shaw's in the photos above.
I've cleaned mine and refilled with Shock Oil by Penrite (Australian supplier of old oils - you know what I mean). Now very stiff to move so seems good.
My new problem is that the rubber bushes in the drop links are petrified solid so I need to sort that. Looks like MG TD and possibly TC used these Girling so I may take a chance on some bushes for those. Also checking out Melvyn Rutters for drop links.

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